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  • akelles:


    I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power

    bees make an important contribution to the survival of the human race which makes them the exact opposite of white men in positions of power

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  • you know you’re a part of the supernatural fandom when:

    you legitimately use assbutt as your go-to insult, you say “where’s the pie?” if someone forgets pie, duh, you know almost all spells but cant say shit in latin, you hear a noise and have a strong urge to salt your windows and doors and draw devils traps, you sing kansas every chance you can, when someone says moose, you say “not moose”, if you walk up to people you either say “What’s up, bitches.” or “Hello, boys.”, you nearly die when someone says pudding, you say “pull my finger” and laugh so hard but no one understands, you yell balls or call people idjits, when people start arguing you say “I don’t like conflict” and run away as fast as you can as if you were Cas. You name anything you can after the cast. If someone offers you cake instead of pie you make the worst face ever.

  • this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

    no one can convince me otherwise. 

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